About Us

“Simplicity never fails to make a statement…”- MOSSES

Mosses are small flowerless plants yet it’s humble consistency of green always lift up one’s spirit.

Like the character of mosses, MOSSES online store is borne with the vision to promote lifestyle products which are simple yet stylish.

Our products are mainly sourced from design-orientated companies in Japan, Korea & Taiwan. The products  ideas come to life by experts and artisans that we track down through hard work. Every single one of them has an amazing design process and most importantly is up for walking new paths with us to do the ideas justice.

If you are the MOSSES customer, you appreciate the uniqueness and creativity that has gone into each product. Your eyes are fine-tuned - you simply see what others don’t. Details make you happy. Surprising features keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gift with MOSSES.

We wish everyone who receives gift from someone by MOSSES will smile warm-heartedly,  undestanding the heart of the giver.